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Prize Bond Schedule 2020

Prize Bond Schedule 2020

prize bond schedule

Prize Bond Schedule 2020 is available to free download from our website. Prize Bond Schedule has been declared by the National Savings of Pakistan. As everybody knows draw will be held in major cities of Pakistan.

Prize Bond prizes are different according to their current market value. So you can also download the Prize Bond prize list 2020 in Pdf format. The following are the latest and complete schedule of 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 Prize Bond 2020.

Note: we are updating all schedules on a regular basis.

Date Prize Bond City
02 January 2020 15000 Quetta
15 January 2020 750 Karachi
03 February 2020 25000 Faisalabad
03 February 2020 7500 Hyderabad
17 February 2020 1500 Rawalpindi
17 February 2020 100 Peshawar
02 March 2020 40000 Multan
16 March 2020 200 Muzaffarabad
01 April 2020 15000 Faisalabad
15 April 2020 750 Hyderabad
04 May 2020 25000 Rawalpindi
04 May 2020 7500 Peshawar
15 May 2020 1500 Muzaffarabad
15 May 2020 100 Lahore
01 June 2020 40000 Karachi
15 June 2020 200 Quetta
02 July 2020 15000 Hyderabad
15 July 2020 750 Muzafarabad
03 August 2020 7500 Faisalabad
03 August 2020 25000 Lahore
17 August 2020 1500 Multan
17 August 2020 100 Quetta
01 September 2020 40000 Rawalpindi
15 September 2020 200 Peshawar
01 October 2020 15000 Multan
15 October 2020 750 Lahore
02 November 2020 7500 Karachi
02 November 2020 25000 Peshawar
16 November 2020 1500 Quetta
16 November 2020 100 Faisalabad
01 December 2020 40000 Hyderabad
01 December 2020 200 Rawalpindi

Lucky Draws

Lucky Draws are announced 2 to 4 times each month in different cities of Pakistan. One more positive impact is to find out that is the number of draws is increased from 24 to 36 per year by playing the vital role of investors in Pakistan.

It is started in 1960 back and still continues in the history of Pakistan. There is no age limit to participate in the lucky draw. So, you can get a good amount of money in a very short span of time and Luck is not delivered all the time you have to need some skills to achieve it.

The National Savings also introduce Prize Bond of worth Rs.100 for students. All those students, who have big dreams in their lives and want to play a vital role in the economy of Pakistan by introducing different business ideas.

One thing makes sure that the winning Prize Bond is checked by the official member of National Savings staff, and if they find some minor issues then for 100% confirmation, it is sent to PSPC. It normally happens once the winning prize bond has one million or greater amount and which will be returned in 3 to 4 business days.

Prize Bond Awami is the best place to check your prize bond result and schedule on the spot. It very helps full for all overseas Pakistanis. The schedule is maintaining Prize Bond Date, Price, and current city.

You can easily find out prize bond draw schedule of worth RS. 100, RS. 200, RS. 750, RS. 1500, RS. 7500, RS. 15000, RS. 25000 and RS. 40000 premium bond accordingly at Prize Bond Awami.

The prize bond organization constrained propelled prize bond conspire for people in general and they have to profit this chance to purchase the prize bond and attempt their karma as the prize bond draws 2020 of every division are directed multiple times during a year as the prize bond draw results in 2020 of each group are reported after like clockwork. The Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan has presented this prize bond plot in 1960 so as to allow to the individuals to put their well-deserved cash in this sheltered and secure plan. This prize bond plot is named as the gold speculation plan and it gives the carrier security to the individuals.

At the point when individuals have cash, they search for the business or check the venture plan of various plans yet there is predictable peril of losing the sum as the trick is basic in our nation. As the individuals face the monetary hardships and they search for the reasonable arrangement of their money-related issues. They need to purchase the prize bonds through this prize bond conspire with the goal that they can spare their sum and they additionally have the chance to prevail upon the prizes their venture of cash in prize bonds. The exchanging of prize bonds is legitimate and it is additionally fitting for the individuals to complete the exchange of the prize bonds through various plans.

On the off chance that you need to win increasingly more cash through the simple and secure method of acquiring cash, you should purchase the prize bonds of various divisions, which can assist you with keeping your put away cash safe and offers the chance to attempt your karma by prevailing upon the prizes the prize bonds. On the off chance that you need to purchase the prize bond, you have to visit the official site of SBP and get the data in regards to prize bond, their legitimateness, prize cash or compensates and the schedule of the prize bond draws. You have to get enough information on the prize bond purchasing and selling process and if your karma works, you can win the prizes on the prize bonds. The legislature has started this prize bond plot under the arrangement of winning legitimate ramifications and you can sell the prize bonds, on the off chance that they are not, at this point required.

State Bank of Pakistan gives the prize bonds to the open like all other business banks and CDNS and the holder of the prize bond is the genuine proprietor of the prize bonds. The prize bond conspire is named the gold venture plan and it is the right strategy to get wealthy in an exceptionally brief timeframe. The prize bonds are given to the individuals in different groups like 100 Prize Bond List, 200 Prize Bond List, 750 Prize Bond List, 1500 Prize Bond List, 7500 Prize Bond List, 15000 Prize Bond List, 25000 Prize Bond List, 40000 Premium Prize Bond List. The prize bonds are sold in the correct arrangement and every arrangement of prize bond is made accessible with under 1,000,000 bonds. The prize bond draws are reported after like clockwork, which implies you can watch the prize bond draw result 2020 of your prize bonds multiple times during a year. Individuals can consider the prize bond plot as the best choice to spare the sum and they can prevail upon the prizes their prize bonds.

When SBSC deals with the prize bond draw of any section, the prize bond numbers are declared in the draw and the victors can get the award over their prize bond draw result 2020. The champs should download the application structures from the site of SBSC or they can get the structures from CDNS or NSC and fill it totally by giving all important data in the application structures. The champs should append the duplicate of the CNIC, unique winning prize bond, and its duplicate and it is likewise properly marked by the prize bond proprietor lastly submits it to any part of State Bank of Pakistan. The counter staff checks the prize bond and on finding any uncertainty in the prize bond, they send the prize bond to PSPC.

The prize bondholders get the prize bond schedule list 2020 as the prize bond list is accessible on the web. At the point when you check the total schedule of the prize bond, you will locate the prize bond draw schedule 2020 with the dates, day, and spot of the prize bond draw result 2020. The prize bond draw dates are referenced online as the prize bonds are reported after like clockwork and multiple times during a year.

The prize bondholders can get prize bond draw schedule list 2020 and the prize bond list is given online to the individuals to check its detail. The prize bond fortunate draw is imparted to the dates beginning from January to December 2020 and the prize bond draw schedule list 2020 is furnished with the data of the groups of the day, date, and city of the prize bond draw.

You May Also Want to Know:

What is the next prize bond draw?
You can find it on our website prize bond schedule section.

What is the Prize Bond Schedule of 2020?
In this schedule you will find out all the details about prize bond like Draw No and Current
Draw City which is held every 2 weeks.

What is the date of Prize Bond Draws?
It is make sure you about the exact time and day of the prize bond lucky draw.

How Can I Check the Prize Bond Result?
Just go to our Prize Bond Result section and find your lucky number on the given result list.

Can I attend the Prize Bond Draw personally?
It is officially allowing to any citizen of Pakistan that they can take part in the Prize Bond draws the city along with CNIC to meet security reasons.

What if I Win the Prize?
It is lucky time for you and you can get your prize in the next 6 years easily and simply you have to go National Savings office with original Prize Bond and CNIC to collect your prize.

What is National Savings?
National Savings is the part of State Bank of Pakistan, and who is managing the whole process of Prize Bond with their expert Management. It has currently 3.5 Trillion worth assets and playing a vital role in the economy of Pakistan.

How Can I Become Rich?
It is golden opportunity for everybody to become rich overnight. In the past, there are a lot of hurdles and barriers to make money fast. Are you ready to earn money quickly? If your answer is yes, the current Prize Bond is the best way to get it. It is the same like to sit on the chair with a cup of tea.

Can overseas Pakistani Purchase Prize Bonds?
It is quite simple for every overseas Pakistani to buy all prize bond through official channels.

What are the security Features of Prize Bonds?
Always buy from the official branch of National Savings and banks and also follow the tips of National Savings to save yourself from any fraud.

We hope you will be happy by visiting our site and buy Prize Bond to support the economy of Pakistan that will never expire.

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